Alec Sutherland

Alec Sutherland is from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He's been a library page, usher, dishwasher, cook, tree-planter, firefighter, knitter and weaver. He has studied textiles at Concordia University in Montréal and the Center for Contemporary Textiles of Montreal. "Haut Beau" is his line of flatwoven weft-face rugs designed and handwoven in Montréal.

Attention to detail in the design and manufacturing coupled with ongoing research in weave structure and textile history inform his work. Belgian tow linen is used for the warp and 100% Canadian wool is used for the weft. Both are natural materials which have immeasurable advantages over synthetic alternatives and which have been in continual use as textile materials for thousands of years.

We're currently featuring a limited selection of Sutherland's handwoven wool wall hangings and rugs. New work arriving later this year.

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