Allison Samuels

tending to the left behind

Through the reparative, labor-intensive processes of fusing, carving into, and rigorous finishing of fragile, cracked and rotted wood, Allison Samuels offers this material extended life as transformed objects. Corrosive fungal and weather-dependent signs from the wood’s lifespan are highlighted throughout, and in some, she is an active participant in its destruction.

Tensions of erasure & creation exist within each interaction– such as burning away, turning paper thin, or obfuscating material in dozens of layers in these sanded-away paintings. When centering these sequential histories of mark-making, both natural and applied, the works emerge as an interspecies, time-based collaboration.

Through her minimalist designs and strong craftsmanship with Two Tree Studios, and education initiative The Level Up Project, woodworker & designer Allison Samuels believes “sustainable design” must go beyond material sourcing & waste management, and translate into a larger working ethos. From her production practices, to multi-functional designs, to the knowledge-sharing & wealth redistribution built into the business model, Samuels strives to keep her footprint light, while contributing to a more equitable future within her industry.

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Allison Samuels



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