Brent Refsland


I began creating this series of used sandpaper collages during the Covid-19 stay-at-home order of 2020. Each collage is made of sandpaper I collected from the studios of fellow artists, woodworkers, and neighbors. I had the urge to move away from the more minimalist, architectural focused sandpaper collages I had been creating in the years leading up to this point. I spent hours each day, lost in the different landscapes, ripping and cutting from piles of discarded, colored, used sandpaper. It was a way for me to be productive, distracted, and most of all creative during these long days at home.

Brent Refsland - Room 68 co-owner & curator

Beach Day Quick shop
Fire In The Sky Quick shop
Red Barn Quick shop
Storefront Quick shop
Lemonade Quick shop
Gravel Road Quick shop
Beach Fire Quick shop
Venice Beach Quick shop
Cabin On The Lake Quick shop
Varkala Sunset Quick shop
May Quick shop
Lilacs Quick shop