Cameron Barker


A fold is a reintroduction. Creases formed in connection also designate boundaries that distinguish separate planes of a whole. I unabashedly touch, love, fuck, hug and kiss with the same body that once couldn’t fathom queerness. Refolding is an embrace for a younger self in my own body and to those who crave to see their own intimacies.

This show consists of graphite as well as platinum point media, which both rely on the interweaving of previous layers. The subject matter consists of myself, my partner and those who have helped me to know the strength of our queer existence; these works are a letter to the young people who are told their life is anything but magic, folded infinite times over. With each crease we show the world our presence is inextinguishable and mandatory. - CB

Cameron Barker is a multi-disciplinary artist from Longmont, Colorado. He received his bachelors in art education from the University of Northern Colorado, taught at a community studio and then moved to Boston to receive his MFA from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. He went on to receive a post-graduate fellowship in curation at Tufts and currently teaches at Northeastern University along with leading the arts programming at a synagogue in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The majority of this work was created during a spring artist-in-residence at Room 68.

On view through June 5, 2022

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Cameron Barker

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