Cameron Barker


This series is a celebration of queer intimacy. The circular and linear windows in which these renderings are displayed is a reference to glory holes as well as cracks in stall doors which are spaces of intimacy used to circumvent legal and social persecution. The closeness in these images is not inherently sexualized or gendered, destabilizing the pigeonholed way queer contact is thought of as penetration centric and hypersexual. The references are collected from where I have been able to find images of queer touch in public space which span from HIV awareness adds to news stories of queer brutality while holding hands or just existing in public.

Glorious responds to this specific way queer touch is represented within American society loudly, joyously and with a tinge irreverence. The pink tone comes from a history of queer and genderized categorization and now exists as a reappropriated sign of lgbtqia+ survival. These peep holes exemplify the closeness I know and hold so dearly within my queer identity. They are an acknowledgment of the queer history that has allowed for me to make this kind of work today. Glorious represents touch, kindness and overall love. - Cameron Barker

Great article in the The Provincetown Independent December 2020

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Cameron Barker



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