Christopher DiPietro

Fragment, Monolith, Deposit, Scatter

September 20th - October 14th

These drawings are exercises in formal abstraction through graphic repetition of the 'wheat’ penny. First minted in 1909, and in circulation through 1956, the reverse side of the coin displays the value flanked by two symmetrical ears of durum wheat while Lincoln’s standby silhouette graces the obverse. Using this graphic unit as a starting place, the drawings aim to build shapes that more or less obscure, or accentuate, each coin’s specific qualities. Through the technique of graphite rubbing, these imperfect surfaces are telegraphed onto the surface of the paper, creating a currency of gradients and impressions that coalesce into composition. Erasure, over-drawing, and other interruptions are employed to sculpt the solid mass of pennies. Each drawing is a meditation on ‘E Pluribus Unum’- delighting in the idea of literal, direct representation serving abstraction.

Wheaties #13, slide study Quick shop
Wheaties #14, negative study Quick shop
Wheaties #15, Fragment Quick shop
Wheaties #16, Monolith Quick shop
Wheaties #17, Deposit Quick shop
Wheaties #18, Scatter Quick shop