Emily Wilker

Water Taught by Thirst

I am interested in the practice of painting as a way to deepen one’s relationship with nature and its many ecosystems. To me, art not only illustrates these experiences of entanglement, but also is a realm for a sensorial engagement that surpasses representation.
During my time at Rhode Island School of Design(RISD), I have learned that painting can act as a generative tool, a therapeutic ritual, a release of energy, and a place to bridge connections to other facets of my life. It is through the conception, envelopment, and evolution of materials and their relationship to an anthropocentric society that I continue to investigate instances of self-reflection, the embedment of matter, and the inherent subjectivity that comes along with being a visual storyteller.
I am curious about the parallel relationships of artistic practice to the cultivation of soil and domesticity within the modern world, and how working to create a form of sustainability for myself has become an act of resistance. Through plein air, self-reflection, and embodied entanglement, this body of work consists of paintings and drawings that weave together my studio practice, through the use of observational and autobiographical approaches, with an emphasis on the layering of material processes and rigorous attention to detail to create kaleidoscopic landscapes.
Emily Wilker recently graduated with a MFA in painting from RISD. The work highlighted in this exhibition is from her 2021 thesis year.
––  Room 68 Wellfleet  ––
313 Main Street
July 1st - 15th
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