Geoff Booras

I create objects that mimic structures and geometries of the built environment – the patterns of altered landscapes and pathways of human movement over the Earth’s surface. I am influenced by the visual language and aesthetics of infrastructure, particularly in the way it is designed to be seen and unseen. My entry points are buoys, navigational markers, sewer grates, HVAC components, highway signage, and other access points in our ever-connected landscape. Meant to signal a danger, safe passage, or something less tangible, like sea-level rise, these objects are my way of disentangling humanity’s relationship with Earth. Portals with pitted and hand-marked surfaces transport the viewer into the shadowy interstitial spaces of our architecture, bodies, and cosmos. My work explores the dynamic between control and entropy: rigid patterns and systems are swallowed by molten surfaces. - Geoff Booras

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