Kristin Texeira

"I paint to remember. Through subtle shifts in colors or ranges of contrasting colors, I attempt to create something familiar, and—at the same time—something entirely elusive and intangible, like a forgotten word on the tip of one's tongue. My colors blend and bounce off of each other. They tell of a person or place's ambiguous history. This vagueness is complemented by specifics in my writing, which—while focusing on a moment's singular identity and tender details—leaves much to the viewers' interpretation."
Glacier at Sunset Quick shop
Zita's Cousin's Place Quick shop
Glaciers like Abstract Sculptures Quick shop
The Cardinal Directions Quick shop
"Wagon Wheel" (heartstrings) Quick shop
Water. Slow Waves. Gull Sounds Quick shop
Gulls Following the Skipper Quick shop
The Tick of Time Quick shop
Succumbing to the Past Quick shop
Lemongrass Tea Quick shop
Back to Léhon Quick shop
A Garden, Golden Morning Light Quick shop