Michael Zachary

Like any good meditative practice, my drawings are mostly about patience and paying attention. I limit my mark making to only four colors of straight lines, and I use them to construct a space with a strict internal logic of color and light. I don’t find these self imposed rules restrictive; on the contrary I find that they free me to focus even more on the subtle details I see around me. I am a big believer in Kierkegaard’s statement that “the more a person limits himself, the more resourceful he becomes.”

My color choices are based on on the process color model used in commercial printing, and my linear marks are inspired by the etching and engraving techniques that were one of the first methods of mechanical reproduction. I wonder what it would be like to see like a machine, and to work like a machine. Would such a radical depersonalization allow me to see more things or less clearly? Can machines have an aesthetic? Does human production have a future in a digitally dominated economy of images? These are some of the questions that interest me. The images I make are not an answer to those questions but rather an attempt to carve out a space of ambiguity and possibility in relation to them. - Michael Zachary 

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