Sandy Lamb

12 Circles

A collection of 12 works connected by the shape of the circle. The circle represents a closed system, totality. The circle of the sun pours its energy into the circle of the earth, and the indigo plant grows. Through a chemical process the indigo pigment is extracted from the plant. The wool is wound into circular skeins, dyed in circular pots with water borrowed from the circular hydrologic cycle. The warp is wound on the circular beams of the loom, the weft is wound on to circular bobbins. Although the final piece is rectangular in shape, the circle remains as a reminder of this circular process that has no end. My own contribution to this energetic process is only a part of the whole, like pushing a spinning wheel already in motion.

Each piece is handwoven using naturally dyed wool weft on a cotton warp. The dyes include indigo, cochineal, osage, marigold, chamomile, and Himalayan rhubarb among others. The cotton fringes are twined and secured with a pH neutral adhesive. Each piece is mounted on a birch plank and panel frame with a hook adhesive tape. The works are easily dismounted and able to be cleaned as necessary.

Sandy Lamb is a textile artist from Montreal, Canada. His practice focuses primarily on weft faced flatwoven tapestries and natural dyeing. Using wool sourced from Canada, natural dyestuffs from around the world, and a simple old maple 4 shaft Leclerc handloom, his works harmonize the best and natural elements of each. His work has been highlighted by publications important within the weaving community including the Guild of Canadian Weavers, VAV Magasinet, Warp & Weft, and the Globe and Mail. His work has been recently included in a spring 2023 auction by and in support of the Musée d’art Contemporain de Montreal, and in a fall exhibition titled “Artisanat Industriel” at the Centre de Design de l’UQAM in Montreal, a show highlighting 30 designers and artists from across Canada. He has a March 2024 show upcoming at Craft Ontario in Toronto, Ontario with Swedish weaver Miriam Parkman, and takes private and commercial commissions.

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