Christina Watka

Christina Watka is a New York-based artist who specializes in large-scale, site-specific installation art. Watka's installations evoke naturally dynamic patterns found in swarms, flocks, cells, constellations, and topographical maps. Working primarily with porcelain, she creates low-relief sculptural undulations that ebb and flow in a visual conversation about density, structured chaos, lightness and air. 

Contact us to inquire about a site-specific installation for your space.
Murmuration XIII: Current
Room 68, Provincetown, MA
Porcelain, 22K gold glaze
Murmuration XXVII
Boston, MA 
Black & white porcelain, 22K gold glaze, clear glaze, gold leaf
Murmuration II
Norwood Club, New York, NY
Porcelain, various glazes
Murmuration XX: John's Horse
Zablotney Residence, New York, NY
Porcelain, various glazes
Murmuration IV
Altamer African Sapphire Villa, Anguilla
Porcelain, various glazes