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Peace Industry Axis Rug

Axis Rug

Designed by Peace Industry

Peace Industry offers an extraordinarily unique and inspired take on the world's oldest hand made area rug. Dating back to 6000BC, wool felt rugs were made by nomads of the Central Asian Steppes. They remained mostly unknown outside of the region until Dodd and Melina Raissnia built their own felt rug workshop in Iran and created a modern collection of rugs based on Melina's work as a painter and graphic designer.

Peace Industry area rugs are made from 100% carpet grade lamb's wool and natural dyes. They are entirely chemical free, reversible, have no backing, and do not require a rug pad.

Felt rugs are not woven but are pressed to create an incredibly strong, dense textile. Layers of loose wool fibers are arranged on a tarp on the floor. Boiling water is sprinkled on to the pile. It is then pressed and rolled around a stick in the tarp and then bound tightly with a rope. The rolled, wet wool is stomped on until the fibers have shrunken together enough to bind. The wet wool is removed from the tarp and rubbed and rolled by hand to ensure even, tight felting. Patterns are achieved by incorporating a layer of wool into a design - Imagine making a collage and then shrinking it. When the wool is wet it is very malleable. Blocking techniques are used to move the design into position and shape the edges. The tools include a tarp, a rope, a pronged fork, pliers, and a mallet.

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Choose from a variety of shapes, dimensions, and color combinations to fit any room in your home.

Axis Rug - 5' 6" diameter

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