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Bench Blocks

Designed by Room 68 and Seven Acre Toys

Each set of blocks is made of wood salvaged from a children's park just blocks away from our original store in Boston. After bringing the park's aged benches back to the shop, we discovered that under the layers of worn green paint was Purpleheart, a hardwood native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. This dense and increasingly rare wood is known for its rich purple color and used in high end furniture and jewelry making.

We have teamed up with Seven Acre Toys and created a set of 17 blocks highlighting the color and grain of this beautiful wood. All blocks are sanded smooth and are completely free of splinters and rough spots. They have been finished with a food grade beeswax and mineral oil blend. Each set is part of a limited edition and exclusive to Room 68.

This block set is great for stacking, counting and beginning to learn simple math proportions. Showcase them on a shelf, coffee table or store them in a screen printed canvas bag included with each numbered set.

Limited Edition

20 sets


purpleheart / custom canvas bag


stacked 6"x6"x6"set includes three 2"x2"x6" blocks, four 2"x2"x4" blocks and ten 2"x2"x2" blocks



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