Pearl Necklace
Leah Piepgras

Pearl Necklace


Designed by Leah Piepgras

Pearl Necklace is a seemingly amorphous cast silver shape on a chain that is actually an accurate representation of semen. It is a visual marker of chaos turned perfection through an act of beauty and lust. Pearl Necklace is a physical reminder of a fleeting moment of pleasure.

Girl with a Pearl Necklace is the remains of an experience. It is about trying to hold on to something beautiful like taking a picture or trying to remember, but also creating a beautiful object. It is a creative act made still. Making art and having sex are really not so different.

All this being said, I am acutely aware of the cultural read, and perceived pornographic nature of the necklace. I see the necklace as having several cultural reads competing simultaneously and want the piece to morph back and forth between a beautiful object, an artifact from an intensely personal and intimate moment, a pornographic money shot. Wearing the necklace changes the ownership of the act. For me, making an object is similarly an act of empowerment. It is a choice to bring something fleeting into being. 

Leah Piepgras is an active fine artist working out of her Massachusetts studio. 

Necklaces are produced in small batches.


18" sterling silver

Contact us directly for special orders and to see other configurations. Also available in solid gold or gold plated.