Reykjavik Speaker
Reykjavik Speaker
Reykjavik Speaker

Reykjavik Speaker


Presenting the smallest Bluetooth speaker yet seen in the Vifa range: Reykjavik.
Prepare yourself for an eruption of sound. Encapsulated in a mysterious design evoking a multitude of undiscovered possibilities. Just toss it in your bag and let it travel. The versatile signature shape perfectly matches a bring-me-along existence. And the leather strap allows you to carry Reykjavik with you or hang it wherever you want.

Dimensions: 3"H x 6"D

Materials: Custom Kvadrat textile, anodized aluminum

Technical Features: 

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
AUX 3.5 mm mini jack
USB playback
Lithium Ion battery 
DSP crossover, optimized for low distortion and high precision
3 channel digital amplifier
LINK two speakers
Speaker phone 
(Incl. noise/echo cancelling)