Split 2
Split 2
Split 2
Nina Cho

Split 2


From the Maung Maung Mirrors collection, Split 2 is composed of dual parts; a clear circle split off center and surrounded by a peach and smoke background. The striking asymmetrical design adds visual interest to an elemental composition.

“Even though a mirror is two-dimensional, it feels three-dimensional to me.
Maung Maung is the Korean word for an obscured sense of depth; when a
view is so vast that you lose a sense of where it ends. I’m inspired by a sense of
endlessness that is presented by mirrors. Beyond reflection, there’s a blurring
of space and time that captivates the mind.” - Nina Cho

Dimensions: 48”W x 30”H

Materials: Tinted Glass Mirror

Lead Time: 6-8 weeks

Custom colors and dimensions available.

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