Sean O'Connor

Blue Room

Blue can often be associated with melancholy or emotionally tragic times, yet the color blue can also hold a certain depth – a calming and healing quality as well. 

Over the past few years, while we all spent time making our interiors and living spaces more engaging, more romantic, or more lovely, I also began making these groups of paintings during the aftermath of the pandemic and lockdown. 

The figures engage with decorative floral arrangements, cut out of painted paper, in textured but flat spaces. At one point seemingly romantic, however, a certain mystery and darkness pervade the pieces as well. 

Unconsciously, these paintings helped me heal in some ways, studies of beauty coming out of feelings of melancholy – just like a vase of flowers attempts to brighten a room – and putting images of what thoughts have been going through an often troubled mind. 

Sean O’Connor makes work in response to idealized self-representation and its junction with gender identity, sexual orientation, and heteronormative assumptions.

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