Alyssa Grenning

Places to Hold an Asterisk  -  October 2020

Drawings by Alyssa Grenning / Sculpture by John Greiner

Certain visuals become totems: an irregular drain pipe, an eroded beach stone, the slope of a hillside — forms that travel with you. The memories of these forms fade as time passes, simplifying and revealing the shape or essence that initially drew you to them. Often, a form resurfaces as a mark in a sketchbook — like a ghost from years before — appearing familiar, yet otherworldly, and often on its own accord.

For Places to Hold an Asterisk, we wanted to explore and elevate some of these memory-forms that have haunted our more recent days. 

On view at Room 68 through November 1st

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Alyssa Grenning



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Alyssa Grenning



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