Molly Haynes

Molly Haynes is a textile artist working primarily in woven sculpture. She experiments within the restrictions of the loom to hand-weave tactile forms which balance systematic order with expressive materials. When hung on the walls or in space, these forms reflect a sense of awe one may feel when witnessing natural phenomena intersecting with the built environment. Molly earned her BFA in Textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design. A Massachusetts native - her studio is currently located in Los Angeles.

All of the smaller weaving below are from FLOAT LINE, her summer 2020 exhibition at Room 68.

Float Line is a series which began a year ago during my residency at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle, Maine. All of the works are woven with salvaged lobster line - collected from transfer stations and beaches from Maine to Massachusetts. Through the process of untwisting and re-weaving, this discarded manufactured fiber distorts the woven grid and unfurls with plant-like growth. In this vibrant series, waste becomes a catalyst for experimental discovery. 

The exhibition title Float Line is a play on words referencing both the structural makeup of woven cloth ("floats" are warp threads that create a pattern by passing over and covering clusters of weft threads) and the use of salvaged lobster rope, which is referred to as "float line" in the lobster industry. - Molly Haynes
Suspended Rectangle Quick shop
Floating Stripe Quick shop
Volume Stripe Quick shop
Corrugated Line Quick shop
Found Blue 2 Quick shop
Black Horizon Quick shop
Forsythia Quick shop
Embedded Green & Black Line Quick shop
Found Blue 3 Quick shop
Forsythia 2 Quick shop
Small Twisted Line 2 Quick shop
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