Brad Nelson

OPEN LOOK brings together fifteen close observations of objects that have surrounded me during the past few months as the Covid-19 stay-at-home order took effect in mid-March. The title of the show is meant to reflect an unbiased, non-hierarchical pursuit of subject matter in which objects commonly thought of as “throw aways” are explored for their potential and capacity to become still life paintings; it is also a personal reminder about the openness required to see objects anew without a predetermined idea of importance. In a more expanded connection to the phrase, “open look” can also denote an open shot on a basketball court; an unimpeded and unrushed view of the task at hand. These paintings are artifacts of the moments in which the living/teaching/parenting expectations of the past few months parted, and an open look at these simple objects became possible. - Brad Nelson

This body of work was shown at Room 68 in July 2020. We continue to feature the paintings still available below.

Eyeglasses Case(yellow) Quick shop
Eyeglasses Case(Blue) Quick shop
Tomato Container Quick shop
Plastic Seal(Green) Quick shop
Plastic Seal(Purple) Quick shop
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