Carla Weeks

Stained Glass Studies

In Stained Glass Studies, Weeks reflects on the relationship between architecture and nature from her home in forested coastal Maine. The gridded structure and linework of each piece reveal abstract depictions of trees and plant-like forms, as if viewed through panes of glass. The palettes reference the infinite variations of color that can be observed in the forest; from the interplay of light in the tree canopy to the mosses and lichens on the forest floor. Weeks views these studies as little meditative windows, encouraging consideration of our place within the natural world.

Having recently moved to a densely forested part of coastal Maine, I’ve frequently caught myself staring out of the oversized windows of our timber-framed house. Each season provides new scenery and color palettes, with a multitude of greens that remain year-round. That experience is translated in this body of work. - CW

Carla Weeks (b. 1985) is an Arrowsic, Maine-based artist using abstraction to articulate the subtleties and nuance of sensory memory. In Carla’s work, color, line, and form function as glyphs to navigate through the physical and emotional experience of place. Carla’s quiet reflections on the immateriality of memory are a testament to her commitment to careful looking, feeling and existing within the present moment.

On view at Room 68 Wellfleet - 313 Main Street
May 13th - June 9th
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