Maya Erdelyi

Quilt Works

These new quilt collages are inspired by the textiles I’ve come across since moving to New England. I’ve long been fascinated by folk art and vernacular art. Quilts are fascinating to me because of their potential as a means of communication and storytelling (and often made by women and/or anonymous artists). Stories you sleep in. Stories made a gift from one hand to another. In these works I used made and found materials and graphics — including monoprints, silkscreens, books, magazines, and whatever spoke to me.

While creating these works I became deeply engaged with the language of color and pattern—the game of shapes —and how one element plays off another. These quilt pieces were often made in conversation with other people. Fragments of surviving a pandemic and the overturning of Roe v. Wade are woven into the fabric of the pieces. There are clues, and also jokes if you look closely. - Maya Erdelyi 

Maya Erdelyi is an award-winning animator & artist. She creates intricate hand-made animations, collages and installations inspired by imaginary worlds, music, memories and dreams. Elements in her work include: printmaking, painting, puppetry, stop-motion, bold colors, patterns and found paper textures. Maya is a Colombian/Hungarian first-generation American. Born and raised bilingually in New York City, she is currently based in Boston where she teaches animation at the SMFA & RISD.

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