Sandy Lamb

Natural Blend

October 15 - November 15th 

Natural Blend is the result of years of work and research into tapestry weaving and natural dyeing. By using simple shapes and tapestry techniques, the naturally dyed gradients are able to express their full richness and depth. Drawing on the geometry of the natural world for shapes and design while using plants and chemicals to dye the wool evokes a cohesion that feels natural and symbolic. There is careful attention paid to the way the wool is prepared and dyed, using plants like marigold, weld, buckthorn, brazilwood, madder, in addition to indigo and lac, and ferrous sulfate. Once the wool is prepared, the sampling process is complete, and the design has been sketched out, the piece is carefully assembled on the loom with utmost precision. After weaving, each linen fringe is braided and knotted, ensuring a clean profile, and mounted using maple and velcro frames.

Sandy Lamb was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He's been a library page, usher, dishwasher, cook, tree-planter, firefighter, knitter and weaver. He has studied textiles at Concordia University in Montréal and the Center for Contemporary Textiles of Montreal. "Haut Beau" is his line of flat-woven weft-face rugs designed and handwoven in Montréal.

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