Dana Piazza


Seams is a presentation of new medium-scale monochromatic pigmented ink drawings on warm white hot press watercolor paper. Each drawing starts with a gestural line spanning across the page. The next line traces the previous line creating a narrow dark overlapping seam. That process is repeated, again and again, warping the next line more and more each time. The lines gradually accumulate into a complex volumetric form, similar to the way nature counts time in layers. The drawings are abstractions, but because they are iterative, they seem like images of other things which gain their qualities through iteration—plants, woven cloth, rock formations, snow drifts, beach sand ripples. The artist William Edward Donovan III helped me clarify some ideas in this statement. – Dana Piazza

Dana Piazza lives and works in western Massachusetts. He received a BFA magna cum laude from the School of Art+Design at Purchase College in 2010.
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Dana Piazza

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