Dana Piazza


Dana Piazza creates abstract drawings depicting the illusion of depth, movement, and three-dimensionality. His meticulous acrylic drawings on paper, panel, and canvas are composed following algorithms conceived by the artist, allowing a predetermined set of instructions to facilitate an unknown outcome. Explorations of chance, discovery and time emerge throughout each tangential series of drawings, each of which alludes to recognizable patterns or textures.

Joyride is a show of 24 new works on paper. Each piece is drawn with alcohol-based dye ink on a 26 x 40 inch sheet of ultra-smooth non-absorbent synthetic paper. Each drawing starts with a long line spanning across the page. After that initial gesture, the drawing process becomes a chain reaction: each new line follows the previous line. A line is darkest at the beginning and lightest at the end. Drawing a line next to a line drawn in the opposite directions puts the dark right next to the light. Each drawing leads to new ideas for the next one, so there’s a feeling of momentum without knowing exactly where it’s going. 

Dana Piazza lives and works in western Massachusetts. He received a BFA Magna Cum Laude from the School of Art+Design at Purchase College in 2010.

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Dana Piazza

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