Dana Piazza

Making the Mark

Dana Piazza creates abstract drawings depicting the illusion of depth, movement, and three-dimensionality. His meticulous acrylic drawings on paper, panel, and canvas are composed following algorithms conceived by the artist, allowing a predetermined set of instructions to facilitate an unknown outcome. Explorations of chance, discovery and time emerge throughout each tangential series of drawings, each of which alludes to recognizable patterns or textures.

Piazza’s color palettes are often semi-monochromatic, further exemplifying his strategic compositions. Unintentional changes in mark-making are inevitable and create distorted images that resemble 3D renderings which optically seem to move. The fallibility of the hand is integral to the development of each composition: one mark leads to the next and the next, resulting in a dense yet unified balance of chaos and control.

Dana Piazza lives and works in western Massachusetts. He received a BFA Magna Cum Laude from the School of Art+Design at Purchase College in 2010.

Many of these drawings were included in his 2021 spring show Making the Mark at Room 68

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